The Tough Mudder Prep

Back in June I booked myself in to do Tough Mudder. The event not being until January 2013.

Well it’s now November and January is not that far away.

I had always planned to do Insanity The Asylum as my preparation for the event. The program is only 30 days (1 month) long, but because I don’t want to give up my running days I’ve created an Asylum / Running Hybrid.  The hybrid I created is 10 weeks along.  It includes the entire Asylum program, but also incorporates the 3 days that are available for me to run.  The runs include long, easy, tempo and speedwork/hill runs.

If you would like a copy of my schedule you can find it here 

Please note that I have not included recommend pace times.  The run part of this hybrid is for a half marathon (21.1km or 13.1mi).  If you would like optimal training paces then I recommend using the McMillian Running Calculator to determine what pace to go for each type of run.

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