23 in 2023

With a new year upon us, it’s time to tell you the list of things I would like to achieve for the year.

Some of these are carry-overs. This is understandable, 2022 was a year unlike any other year we’ve had.

This year I’ve decided to put my goals into categories. Some categories have more than others, and that’s ok.


  1. Finish building the house, and move in
  2. Create a home with all the things that bring us love and joy.
    • Photo’s
    • Pictures
    • Prints
    • House plants


Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

3. Visit Hanging Rock/Mount Macedon
4. Visit Werribee Gorge
5. Do a trail run in South Australia


Photo by Ivan Samkov

6. Deadlift 80kg
7. Squat 60kg
8. Bench press 40kg
9. Three sets of 10 military push-ups
10. Run 50 days in a row
11. Run 100 days in a row
12. Run/Hike sections of the GPT
13. Complete 100 NTC workouts (that I haven’t done before)


Photo by Anete Lusina

14. A will
15. Wontons
16. Blankets for the house
17. Crochet a jumper from a jacket
18. Finish knitting a cotton jumper

For Me

Photo by LAUREN GRAY on Unsplash

19. SOTD365 playlist (A song a day for the year)
20. Overalls
21. Read 52 books
22. Listen to 26 audiobooks
23. Create a capsule wardrobe


  • Finish Season 6 & 7 of Buffy
  • Finish Seasons 3-5 of Angel
  • Listen to all the last played 2018 music

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