23 in 2023 Recap: Fitness

Out of all the things I had on my 23 in 2023 list, Fitness had the most with eight things listed.

Running will always be my main form of cardiovascular fitness. I love it, it’s good for my heart, endurance and overall fitness.

While 2023 saw no running events, I kept a consistent running routine. This means when I’m ready to enter an event, I have a base line.

However, I know how important it is to incorporate strength training, which is why it has been my main focus for 2023.

Deadlift 80kg ✅

Achieved 8th March 2023. I now have my sights on 100kg, which I’m slowly chipping away at.

Squat 60kg ✅

Achieved 65kg in April 2023.

The next goal is 80kg, which like the deadlifts, I’m also working towards. Progress isn’t linear, and I’m ok with that.

Bench press 40kg ❌

This is currently a work in progress, and I’m at 30kg working my way up.

At the time of writing the list, I actually wasn’t doing bench presses in my program, I now am incorporating them, and while 30kg may seem low, we all have to start somewhere.

Three sets of 10 military push-ups ❌

I have been doing push-ups in my training, but this goal I’m not fussed if I achieve or not.

Run 50 days in a row ✅

Achieved on 18th June 2023

Run 100 days in a row ✅

Achieved 8th August 2023

Run/Hike sections of the GPT ❌

While I have done some runs and hikes in the Grampians, I’m going to say a big fat no on this one.

Complete 100 NTC workouts (that I haven’t done before) ✅

Back in 2022, I thought it would be a great idea to complete all of the workouts NTC had to offer. At the time there were over 400. I ended up ditching that as they kept releasing more workouts.

Instead, I settled for 100, as that was much doable.

This one was a more recent finish on 2nd November 2023

Overall I’m really happy with how my strength has progressed over the year. This has been a year of lifting heavy, and while it’s hard not to focus on the number on the scale, seeing the number on the barbell go up is far more satisfying.

May 2024 just be as exciting.

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