23 in 2023: Check-in

I had planned to do a check-in on my 23 in 2023 goals in April. However, life had other plans, and it’s now mid-May. So here we are with an update on the goals, challenges, and aspirations for 2023.


They say that the internal fit out of a build takes the longest, and they are not wrong there.

With Tom in a new full-time job, he is no longer working full-time at the house. This has meant that the internal fit-out will take longer than expected.

There is not much we can do about this, but little by little it will all get done.

On the plus side, our tiles got delivered today, and the tiler will be tiling the bathrooms on Tuesday.


Family adventures are currently on hold.

The main priority is to get the house done and move in. Once that is done, then adventures will be had.

In saying that, I did take myself up to Boronia Peak one morning, and it was just fabulous. I was reminded why I love trail running. While I’m not currently trail-fit, it has inspired me to hit the trails more often.


  • Deadlift 80kg
    On the 8th of March, I smashed out 80kg trap bar deadlifts, for three sets of three reps.
    I’m working my way up to a one-set rep max. Which is why I’ve backed off the weight, but doing more reps.
    As this is a work in progress, we will have to wait until the next check-in to see where we are at.
  • Squat 60kg
    This goal was achieved back in April. Currently, my 3-rep squat is at 65kg.
  • Bench Press 40kg
    Sadly the bench press is not in my current weight training program, but I think I will need to incorporate it. so I can get to this goal
  • 3×10 military push-ups
    My push-ups are currently a work in progress. I can do 4 with good form, and then I need band assistance.
  • Run 50/100 days in a row
    Started this one on May 1st. On the days I’m at the gym, I run on the treadmill. I’ve set a goal of a minimum of 15 minutes, which is roughly 2km.
  • Run/Hike sections of the GPT
    See back the Adventure section. Nothing as of yet, but still plenty of time
  • 100 (New) NTC workouts
    Workout 36/100 “Runners Strength” was my last new NTC workout.


Hmm, yeah, none of this has happened, but I’m sure it will all fall into place when we are finally in our home.

For Me

  • SOTD365 playlist (A song a day for the year)
    Currently on track.  You can find my playlist here, and it grows every day.
  • Overalls
    Green Hip for the win. Thanks to a sponsored ad on Facebook, I took a chance and ordered the navy overalls.  I am going to live in these.  I love them. 
  • Read 52 Books
    This goal got modified to 40.  Simply due to the fact that I don’t have as many opportunities to read books as I would like.
    That being said, I did get a Kobo Nia e-reader for Mother’s Day.  It’s compact and light, and much easier to handle than the iPad. 
    Will the reading goal go back to 52? Possibly. 
  • Listen to 26 audiobooks
    Sadly I don’t think this is going to happen.  Again just not as many opportunities to listen to books (as I have a queue of podcasts as well). 
    Realistically it will most likely end up being 12-15.  
  • Create a capsule wardrobe
    There are a few pieces I have collected that I know I will have for a long time.  However, this one really can’t be created until I’m back in the house and I can really go through all the things I have in storage.  

So there we are, things are progressing.

In 3-4 months we shall check in again.

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