Handstand Training

Last year I decided to take on the handstand.

Handstands use to bring me so much joy as a kid. Which is why I wanted to be able to do one. Not only to feel that joy again, but because handstands require a lot of strength.

It all began with starting off with practicing free handstands on the mat after my weights workout.

Then I progressed to alternating that with handstands against the wall.

The fact that I got Tom to put up some sheeting so I had a dedicated wall in the garage just goes to show how much I wanted to achieve this.

All was going well until a work-related injury had me paused my training over the Christmas period.

At the start of the year I noticed that my lower back was sore one morning. That afternoon after doing my garage workout, something wasn’t quite right. By that evening I was in a world of pain. I could barely move without being in pain.

A trip to the chiropractor fixed my back issues, then there were physio sessions to help with the muscular issues.

With the all clear from both the chiro and physio, the training has once again begun.

Training for handstands just doesn’t include the handstands. While you have to do handstands to improve in the handstand, there are other exercises which will fine-tune your handstand even more.

Check out my Handstand Playlist on YouTube for a list of exercises. I’m continually adding to it.

Remember, it’s meant to be fun, so have fun with it. You’ll have plenty of duds, but when you hold your stand, even if it’s just for a second, celebrate!.

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