Reading Check in #3

Deciding what book to read next is always a hard task.  To take that thought process out, I decided to create a list of all the books I would read.

When I checked in back in July, I was 23 books in (not counting the 2 DNF books).

Nearing the end of the year, I thought I would touch base with how things are going.

What I’ve Read in 2019

(Since July)

A – Audiobook
NF – Non-Fiction
RR – Re-Read
DNF – Did not finish

    1. If I forget you
    2. After You
    3. Rapture (RR)
    4. Being Miss Nobody
    5. Unforgiven
    6. Fangirl
    7. Breaking Alexandria
    8. The Secret Runners of New York (A)
    9. Mad Magic (A)
    10. The Happy Runner (NF)
    11. Outer Order / Inner Calm (NF)
    12. Wearing Paper Dresses (A)
    13. Edgy Conversations (NF)
    14. Spindles End (A)

This brings my total to count for the year to 36.

Yes, there are books on there that weren’t on the list.  However, I think it’s important to be flexible when it comes to reading.

For example, Kayla asked me to read ‘Being Miss Nobody’, as that was her recommendation to me.  With a pinky promise made, it was a book I read. While it is a tween book, it’s the type of book that any parent can get into.  The book gets into the head of a kid who doesn’t talk and is also getting bullied. It was a lovely book about finding your voice, and I’m glad I read it.

While browsing BorrowBox, I stumbled upon The Secret Runners of New York.  Wow! What a story, I seriously could not put this down.  If you love “Tomorrow when the War Began” or even “More than this“, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.  One thing for sure I will be reading more from Matthew Reilly.

Outer Order / Inner Calm, was a book I had on backorder with the library.  It’s been on backorder since June when it became available at the library.  To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to come and forgot about it.  When I got a text saying I had a book available, I was shocked.

Being a fan of Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Podcast, I knew that I was going to enjoy this book.  It’s a little gem.  It will give you small tips to clear clutter.  It’s the type of book I could happily have a copy of and refer back to.

With 6 weeks to go, I think I can get another 3-4 books read, with the aim to read from the said list.

Tallying up the books from the list, I have read 18 out of a possible 40.

I have two more audiobooks in the queue for the year, one I’m listening to at the moment, which to be honest I’m not sure I will keep perusing.  The second one isn’t available until December (The Rosie Project #3).  This means I will go back to the list and continue to cross a few more off.

The next time we check-in, we shall see what the final book list will be.

Happy Reading!



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