Ultimate Running Date #57

Hello, my running friends! Where have you been? (Or where have I been?)

It has been far too long between dates, so grab those running shoes and let’s catch up with all things running-related.

Wow! What a quarter it has been.  There are been ups, there have been downs, and there have been many adventures in-between.

First, there was the epic adventure of UTA22, which you can read all about it here, here & here.

I have also started training for my first ultra!

May Running Statistics

Distance – 152km
Total Hours – 20h
Longest Distance 
– 24km
Number of Activities 
– 19

The highlight for May was UTA.  This is an event to put on your bucket list.

A week later, saw myself sweeping the Run the Gap course.  If I hadn’t run UTA a week prior, I properly would have enjoyed this a lot more.

However, I was tired, mentally and physically.  I had a pain in my back, that progressively got worse.  It meant that when I sat down, I found it difficult to get upright again.

In hindsight, I should not have swept the course, with the issue I had.

To make matters worse, I lost the 15km marker.  I didn’t realise that I had lost it until I got to around the 18km point.  Thinking it couldn’t have been far, I went back for it.  I was furious! I mean how could I have lost something?

Did I find it? Nope.  I gave up after backtracking 3km (because that would mean I had done an extra 6k).

Feeling shitty, I got picked up.  It was just as well, cause by now, I was in so much pain.

Needless to say, I had to go visit the chiro the Monday after.  Somehow I tore a muscle, which was causing the pain, and for my hips to lock up.

A few days off work, and I had the rest of May off to rest.

June Running Statistics

Distance – 207km
Total Hours – 25h
Longest Distance 
– 19.1km
Number of Activities 
– 30

My ultra training officially kicked up in June.

June also saw me get some much-needed replacement running shoes.

Oh, and a birthday too, but it was a sad event (just a crap day all around).

2019 Statistics

Total Running Distance – 1,025km
Total Cycling Distance – 144 km
2019 Running Prediction – 2050km

To be honest I’m not sure that that running total is correct, as I have 900 and something on my phone.  I may have taken into account, some walks, hikes and bike rides. However, I’m not too worried, as I know with my training load increasing I will get to 2019km for the year.  When? Who knows.

Until next time, be bright, be kind and go seek adventures.

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