53 Tuesdays #14

It was time to go to the pool to drop Miles off for his swimming lesson.  I told him to go on ahead and I’ll see him in 5 minutes.  My photo location was revealed to me.

There is an empty block of (crown) land adjacent to the pool.  There is an old mining artifact (wall), that was most likely a pulley for an engine (not sure, speculation here).

With wild grass growing, I knew I would find something here. Just not what I thought.

There on the ground was a book.  It looks modern (based on the style of writing) book.  I didn’t pick it up, so I have no idea of the title or the author, but it was interesting all the same.

Tuesday #14

Location: Oriental Mine Company H.A, corner of Darlington & Newington Rd, Stawell
Lens: 40mm
F/stop: 8.0
Speed: 1/800
ISO: 200

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