Journey to Ultra

The day the seed was planted on running an Ultra was the day I ran Surf Coast Century (Leg 3), back in September 2017.

I never wanted to run a marathon,  yet a 50km trail event sounded highly appealing.

Trail running and road running are very different, and I enjoy both for very different reasons.

To me, road running is all about being fast and pushing boundaries.

There have been many training sessions where I thought, I don’t think I can do that, but then I go and do it, and I feel highly accomplished.

Road running has its rewards.

On the other hand, trail running is all about slowing down and enjoying your environment.

It’s my happy place.  Every time I go out there it’s always different, and it has its own set of challenges, with elevation, terrain, and wildlife.

The road and I had unfinished business, which is why in 2018 I decided to focus on some road goals.  One of those was to get a personal best in the half marathon, which I achieved at the Australian Running Festival in Canberra.

There was also the aspect of training load.  I knew that running an ultra would mean a lot more time on my feet.  To get my body used to longer runs and longer distances, I needed to up my mileage.  Which is why I set a yearly running goal of running the year (2018).

Taking the time to prepare my body meant that I knew that this crazy goal was something that I could achieve.

This is why on Wednesday 27th March, I took the plunge and registered for the 50km.

Argh! Crazy I know.

Scared? Damn straight.  This is way out of my comfort zone, but I know that once achieved I will feel in awe. Besides, magic always happens outside of your comfort zone.

To get me ready for this crazy adventure, I’ve registered for other events.

  • UTA22 (May 17th)
  • You Yangs Trail Running Festival (22nd July)
  • Wonderland 36 (25th August)

I’ll be using Wonderland (home turf advantage), as a training run for Suf Coast 50.  However, I don’t currently qualify for it.  This is why I plan on doing the 30k event at the You Yangs Trail Running Festival, hosted by TrailsPlus

I’m excited, but I’m also looking forward to this milestone journey and the ultimate reward at the end.  To give myself the title of Ultra Runner.

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