Ultimate Running Date #42

Did you get those running shoes ready?

Because the time has come around again for our monthly catch-up on all things running-related, with the ultimate running date!

Things are heating up here, so you better be ready for some early morning runs.

While getting up at Sparrow’s fart (aka 5:30 am) is not fun, it means getting my run done in cooler conditions.

I’ve been hitting the trails in readiness for Gold Rush (which by the time this is published I will have run) and incorporating loads of speed sessions.

I even got to run a Parkrun which I haven’t done in FOREVER. 

Point Cook & Wyndham Vale are the two parkruns closest to my parent’s house.  Point Cook was celebrating their 200th Parkrun, so I decided to incorporate parkrun into my long run, by running there, participating in parkrun (as a tempo run), and then running back to my parent’s house.

Let me tell you, it was humid and with very little shade it made for a hot long run.

November Running Statistics

Distance – 158 km
Total Hours – 18
Longest Distance 
– 19 km
Number of Activities 
– 17

Overall Running Statistics

Total Running Distance – 1308 km
Monthly Average – 118.90 km
2017 Kilometre Prediction – 1426 km

I’ll be honest here, training for Gold Rush has been hard.  My motivation levels have been a lot lower than say with Surf Coast Century, and it all comes down to the days getting warmer.

The only plus is I’ve gotten to witness some beautiful sunrises, and I get to ditch the headlamp.

After GoldRush, I plan on just free running for about 6 weeks, before the next training cycle begins.

Until then, Happy Running!

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