Ultimate Running Date #41

Oops.   Yes, oops.  Today while writing up other blog posts, and thinking about future blog posts, it occurred to me that we haven’t had our running date for October!

Go grab those shoes, a hat, and some water as it’s heating up out there.

Let’s catch up on all things running.

October saw the SAAC running season come to a close with the last run being Big Hill event. The last time I did this particular run was back in 2013! Due to circumstances beyond my control (aka holidays), I’ve missed this race the last few years.

While I didn’t run it as fast as 2013, I was happy with my result all the same.

I will miss the weekly runs, but at the same time it will also free up Saturday’s for other family activities like hiking.

I have also been testing out some new tempo / interval / and phased runs, in conjunction with more trail running.

Gold Rush is creepy up, as are the kids birthday’s and Christmas… argh yes Christmas *sigh*

October Running Statistics

Distance – 114km
Total Hours – 13
Longest Distance 
– 14km
Number of Activities 
– 18

Overall Running Statistics

Total Running Distance – 1036 km
Monthly Average – 115.11 km
2017 Kilometre Prediction – 1381 km

Next week we’ll have our normal running date, and we’ll catch up on all things November.

Until then, Happy Running!

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