Ultimate Running Date #41

Opps.   Yes opps.  Today while writing up other blog posts, and thinking about future blog posts, it occurred to me that we haven’t had our running date for October!

Go grab those shoes, a hat, and some water as it’s heating up out there.

Let’s catch up on all things running.

October saw the SAAC running season come to a close with the last run being Big Hill event. The last time I did this particular run was back in 2013! Due to circumstances beyond my control (aka holidays), I’ve missed this race the last few years.

While I didn’t run it as fast as 2013, I was happy with my result all the same.

I will miss the weekly runs, but at the same time it will also free up Saturday’s for other family activities like hiking.

I have also been testing out some new tempo / interval / and phased runs, in conjunction with more trail running.

Gold Rush is creepy up, as are the kids birthday’s and Christmas… argh yes Christmas *sigh*

October Running Statistics

Distance – 114km
Total Hours – 13
Longest Distance 
– 14km
Number of Activities 
– 18

Overall Running Statistics

Total Running Distance – 1036 km
Monthly Average – 115.11 km
2017 Kilometre Prediction – 1381 km

Next week we’ll have our normal running date, and we’ll catch up on all things November.

Until then, Happy Running!


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