Project 52 – Week 38

The 16km SAAC running event is the event of the season.

This event is always a good foundation of how well you will perform in a half marathon.

I remember the very first time I ran this event back in 2012 (it was a different course back then).  It was my furthest event, but it gave me an idea of how I will run my first half marathon at Run Melbourne a few weeks later.

Fast forward 5 years, with countless half marathons roads and trails under my belt, the 16km club event was my last long run before Surf Coast Century.

Having been unwell the week of, I decided that I would run this event at a steady pace, but reassess after each loop (4km).

Week 38 – 16km Club Run

While it wasn’t my fastest run on this course, I ran consistently and finished in a respectable time of 1h28m

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