Project 52 – Week 4

In Week 3 I mentioned that I should have taken my camera while out geocaching for the day.

This time around I decided to lug the camera with me to the Bundaleer.  Yes, it added a good 1kg to the pack, but it was worth it.

The Grampians has so much to offer if you are willing to go off the beaten track.

Now bush bashing isn’t for everyone, and should only be undertaken by serious hikers.

Week 4 – Top of the Bundaleer

Now I will be honest, I haven’t stitched a 360 panorama in a long time, so excuse the crappy editing.

Editing aside, it’s the view from the top that really is special.

It was one of those clear days where you could see for miles.

Taken on views Tower Hill, the Moora Moora, Mt Thackery, Reids Lookout, and as far as Mt Abrupt. It was just spectacular.

So while the camera does add weight to the hiking pack, capturing views like this, makes it oh-so worth it.

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