Project 52 – Week 5

With a mini get away before school goes back, there were plenty of photo’s to choose from for this week’s Project 52.

This time while visiting Apollo Bay we weren’t there because of a running event.  Shock horror I know.  We were actually there just because!

A change in season means we were able to do different types of adventures, with swimming, fishing and of course geocaching.

Which brings me to this weeks photo.

Week 5 – Geocaching

A year ago we stumbled on our first geocache at Manja Shelter.

Geocaching has taken us on a journey of exploration and discovery. It’s taken us off the beaten track, and has united us as a family.

This particular geocache is a premium member only cache.

Bush bashing was involved for this one, but the result, so worth it.  It’s a great hide, and a wicked location.


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