High Five Friday #46

Where on earth has this summer school holiday gone?

To think that the kids really only have one week left of school holidays before they go back to school.  Gez that’s gone by crazy fast.

I remember when I was a kid, the summer holidays felt like they went on forever.

Time goes way too quickly when you grow up and become an adult.

After the week I have had, I’m glad it’s Friday.

Here are the things I give a high five to, this Friday.

Five Pictures

  1. Run Fast Eat Slow
    My new cookbook.  There are loads of recipes in there for me to try.  Once the kids are back in school, will test out a few.
  2. Return to Running
    Found a return to running from injury program on the Kinetic Revolution. I think one of the reasons I had a relapse in my injury was that I went too hard too fast back into running.  This program will see me slowly returning to running 35mins of continuous running over 12 weeks.

    There will be no speed work, no intervals, but will have me slowly returning back to running and focusing on my form instead.

  3. There is a blip of a town called Paradise about a 20-minute drive from Stawell. There is a geocache hidden not far from here.
  4. Tom and I inside Red Cave
  5. The Ledge to get to Red Cave

Five Links

  1. 10 Exercises to test muscle weakness
    Pre-injury I could do all these exercises, and do them well.  I can do them now, but I’m not as flexible or strong.  Something to work on I guess.
  2. How to stop the runners ‘Bonk’
    Every runner has experienced the ‘bonk’ or ‘wall’.  These tips will help you prevent that.
  3. Safelace
    Sick of your shoelaces coming undone, even when you double-knot them.  Well, Safelace is your friend.  Tie your shoelaces once, and safe place will ensure they will never come undone. I use these bad boys on my trail shoes, and more recently my hiking shoes.
  4. Sinchies
    If you like to make your own fuel/gels for when you are out running sinchies solve the storage problem.  They are reusable pouches.  Ok yes more aimed at the mother and baby, but they are great for us athletes too.
  5. Chicked
    The act of getting passed by a female.
    This one was shared on an online running group I’m a part of.  Too good not to share.

What do you give a high five to, this Friday?

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