Mount Abrupt/Mud-dadjug

The indigenous name for Mount Abrupt is Mud-dajug

Distance: 6.3km (Mt Abrupt)
Duration: Approx 3hrs return
Track Conditions: Moderate
Type: There & Back

I have been wanting to hike Mt Abrupt for a while.  With having run Mt Sturgeon & the Piccaninny for the Peaks & Trails run, it was high time that I have some loving to Mt Abrupt.

Tom & I finally achieved this Hike on the 3rd of December.

With the kids spending time with family, we decided to go for a hike.

Packing lunch, water, and a few other supplies, we made the 1 hours drive towards Dunkeld to hike one of the 3 peaks of the southern tip of the Grampians.

It was an interesting start to our trek with a tree falling down on the track just minutes into our walk.

Tom and & were chatting when we heard a crack.  He told me to stop and just wait.  Sure enough, a stringybark had fallen across the track just meters ahead of us.  If we had continued on it’s possible it would have fallen on top of us.

See I told you interesting.

Duck Orchid

Also along the way, we saw numerous duck orchids.  Unfortunately, my iPhone couldn’t capture a decent enough image.  So here is one I found online.

In 2011 the massive storm event caused a landslip taking out a few sections of the walking track.

While the growth of the vegetation where the landslip occurred is rehabilitating, it provides splendid views of the volcanic plains to the east of Gariwerd.

Upon reaching the saddle, sheltered among the trees, we stopped for lunch and a refuel.

Following lunch, we commenced the final accent towards Mt Abrupt, where Tom met some old friends he had not seen for 20 years. Yes, it’s a small world, and he always seems to meet people in the most random of places.  Like hiking Mt Abrupt.

Along the way we witness a few eagles ride the thermal up-draft.

At the top, we took in the views of Signal Peak & Mt Sturgeon.

View from Mt Abrupt

If you are into geocaching, there is a geocache located at the top, which can be found without solving the mystery puzzle questions.

The track can be pretty technical at times, and I would proceed with caution when wet.

Overall a fantastic walk for any bush-walking enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “Mount Abrupt/Mud-dadjug”

  1. What a beautiful hike, such awesome views!
    So I have a guy in one of my classes from Austraila and he made this comment the other day that Austraila has no pretty mountains, and I turned to him and I was like well I am pretty sure there are lots, I know a gal who lives near the Grampians and they are beautiful mountains I know because I’ve seen her pictures. He said when he moves back maybe he needs to explore more, LOL I don’t know what part he’s from, but I agreed with him, I think you live in a beautiful country!!!

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