Waterproof Jackets that meet UTA requirements

Running UTA or any other trail run in Australia or worldwide, and need a waterproof jacket, but have no idea to start.

Well, look no further, because I have done the research for you.

In 2016 I was looking at getting myself a waterproof running jacket, as I was training in winter and found myself running in the rain a lot.

As I don’t own a treadmill, I had no other choice but to run outside.

So I decided to get a waterproof running jacket.  I saw it as an investment. That and it’s a lot cheaper than a treadmill,

All trail events that require you to carry a waterproof jacket do so for the worst-case scenario.

No one wants to get lost out in the wilderness in poor conditions and be cold and wet.

So while you may think of it as a hassle, it’s for your own safety.

So what jacket do I choose?

Most trail events that require you to carry a jacket will want you to have a jacket that has a minimum of 10,000 waterproof resistance / 10,000 breathability.


Waterproof Rating (mm) Resistance Provided Conditions
0-5,000 mm No resistance to some resistance to moisture. Light rain, dry snow, no pressure.
6,000-10,000 mm Rainproof and waterproof under light pressure. Light rain, average snow, light pressure.
11,000-15,000 mm Rainproof and waterproof except under high pressure. Moderate rain, average snow, light pressure.
16,000-20,000 mm Rainproof and waterproof under high pressure. Heavy rain, wet snow, some pressure.
20,000 mm+ Rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure. Heavy rain, wet snow, high pressure.

For More information on waterproof resistance and breathability this visit this link

While 10,000 / 10,000 is good, 20,000 / 20,000 is better. The higher the rating the better quality jacket.

The following jackets meet UTA requirements

  • Inov8 Race Elite Smock
  • Inov8 Race Elite Jacket
  • Outdoor Research Helium – Available for purchase at Bogong
  • Salomon Bonatti
  • North Face Resolve
  • Ultimate Directions Ultra
  • OMM Kamleika
  • Montane Minimus Smock

What you decide to get is up to you.

At the end of the day as long as the jacket or smock holds the minimum of waterproof resistance 10,000 and 10,000 breathability,  and has a hood you will pass mandatory gear inspection.

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