High Five Friday #39

Let’s give this Friday a High Five!

It’s the last Friday of the school holidays here.  School goes back on Monday.

These 2 weeks surely have flown by, doesn’t feel like two weeks at all.

Spring will be here before we know it!

Five Pictures


.1. While in Point Cook we decided to explore the Point Cook Coastal Park.

We were quite surprised at the beach area, it would be lovely in summer.

The rubbish on some of the walks however was not at all appealing.

.2. We were driving to Halls Gap on our way home from Horsham.

I remembered that there was a geocache in the area, so we decided to stop and explore.

The mushrooms were huge, but my word did they stink.

The light from the setting sun was just magical, the photo doesn’t do it justice.

.3. On the home stretch from the not trail run I recently did.  I will have a review on this up next week.

.4. We were in Altona visiting some friends and decided to explore the area.  I can see this beach being very popular during the summer months.

.5. We didn’t have the kids when we visited this geocache, we’ll have to come back and complete the rest of the zoo series, it was quite fun.

Five Links

.1. Erin has 12 ways to boost your self-esteem.  They are simple and effective and will make you and those around you happier.

.2. Breaking muscle will make you question if you are over-training or under-recovering.

.3. Use Strava?  Love data? Well, then VeloViewer is for you!

.4. As a trail runner I could totally understand Heather and how Trail Running Ruined My Life

Oh, how I can so relate.

.5. It can only take 5 minutes to Build a Better Runner.  Include these exercises in your warm-up or cool-down, and you will see results.

What do you give a high five to this week?

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