Visiting Apollo Bay & The Great Ocean Rd: Part 3

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Then you can do so here & here.

Run Forrest was only a small part of our weekend away.

While I was busy running, the kids were having a ball at SoupFest.


Market and craft stalls, and a variety of (gold coin donation / free) activities, it made for a great fun day for the family.

After my run, yes I did visit SoupFest, and while I didn’t get soup, I did get a Twisto Potato.  Oh my word it was divine, well worth the 30 minute wait in queue for it.

While tired, I told Tom that we had to go visit Lake Elizabeth.  Who knows when we will be able to get back here again, so we made the trip out there.

It was a slow trot, for both Tom & myself, but we didn’t care.


In the distance we saw a platypus.  Lake Elizabeth is know for it’s platypus’ but they are more or a nocturnal animal, so to see one so late in the day was extra special.

Lake Elizabeth is most certainly a place I would like to visit.  Next time I will take the whole family on the loop walk.

On our travels back to Apollo Bay we stopped into Mariners Lookout.  The wind was icy, but the view of the setting sun was beautiful.

Apollo-Bay2There is also a geocache at the lookout.  So if you are ever there, get into stealth mode and try to find it.

Our last visit for the day would be the Apollo Bay harbour.

I didn’t walk out onto the pier, as I was cold to the bone as it was, and with the wind picking up, it was just another level of icy. Using the harbour wall as a windbreak, I watched on while the kids explored and had fun.

It was another adventure filled day, and it was nice to get back to the apartment and chill before we headed back home.

Stay tuned, part 4 of our adventure is coming up!

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