Visiting Apollo Bay & The Great Ocean Rd: Part 4

This is part 4 of our Apollo Bay & Great Ocean Rd adventure.

To read parts 1, 2 or 3, you can do so here, here or here.

Our Apollo Bay journey comes to an end.  However, our Great Ocean Road adventure really is just getting started.

The day started off with an easy run along the beach.

The sunrise was just stunning.

Apollo Bay Sunrise

The perfect beginning to not only my birthday but to our trip back home.

After getting back to the apartment and packing everything up we headed west along the Great Ocean rd.

Our first pit stop for the day would be at Johanna Beach.  I’m not sure how long we spend there, but the kids had a ball with cuttlefish boat races, running around, and just generally enjoying the sun and the beach.


Our next stop would be The Gables, which is located off Moonlight head.

The Gables lookout is a short walk and offers stunning views of the ocean.

The Gables

There is a geocache here and I found it without the GPS! Go me.

From there, our travels took us to Wreck beach.

Just before we made our descent down the stairs to get to the beach, we had to find another cache.  This one took a little longer, and it was cleverly hidden.

Wreck beach takes you to the anchors of Marie Gabrielle (1870) & Fiji (1891), which are haunting reminders of the treacherous nature of the sea.

It’s recommended to make this walk at low tide, and do be aware of large sea swells too.

Shipwreked Beach

I’m not too sure how long we spent here, but we were just enjoying the sun and the environment, it’s just a shame that the beach was littered with so much rubbish.  We ended up collecting a bucket full of rubbish. Most of it is recyclable.

Our last stop on our Great Ocean Road Adventure would be the 12 Apostles.

We had been pretty lucky with our travels, only encountering a handful of other tourists.

12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles, however, was swarmed with tourists.

A combination of good weather & a long weekend meant that this tourist destination was flooded with other people.

It was hard to enjoy the experience with so many other people and the noise from the helicopter tours was uninviting.

We weren’t there for long before we decided to just head home.

Overall, we had a lovely weekend away, and I had a fabulous birthday experience with my family.

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