Tips For Getting Through Your Treadmill Run

Some people genuinely love treadmill running as evidenced by the machines being regularly full at most gyms.

Another segment of the running population prefers the great outdoors and finds treadmill running, both at home and in the gym, to be tedious at best.

Still, others are intimidated by running on a machine in close proximity to others.

Whatever your reason for finding treadmill running hard to get through, here are some tips to make it easier.

Running on treadmill

I feel like a rat on a wheel

Boredom, a lack of engagement at the brain level, causes your whole body feel fatigued.

Regardless of what shape you’re in, running with minimal brain activity is harder physically.

When running on a treadmill at home or in the gym, try to engage your mind as well as your body. Downloading and listening to something entirely different than whatever is your norm helps chase boredom away.

Playlist designSome suggestions include:
  • Sounds of nature
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra Performance
  • Vintage TV Shows
  • Beatles Concert from the 1960s
  • A classic or new book you’ve been wanting to read
  • Movie soundtrack
  • Documentaries on subjects you find interesting
  • Download an app. There are many that help you to plan and track progress and there are even some cool apps like ‘Zombies, Run!” that will turn your run into a survival mission instead!

I’m not making any progress

You’ve heard the old saying “a watched pot never boils.”

That saying is so relatable because it’s true.

Well, it’s not true in the sense that eventually, even a watched pot will boil. However, while in the process of staring at it, those minutes begin to feel like hours.

Looking at the display on your treadmill has the same effect. The few minutes it actually takes to run a kilometer seems more like a half hour.

Unless you are doing intervals or something time specific quit checking the display and go back to engaging your mind with something interesting.

I get tired of repetitive motion

Don’t we all?

So break up the repetitive motion with changes in your routine.

Add inclines and make adjustments to your speed from time to time.

You can go from brisk walking to running and back to walking again while going up and down treadmill hills.

Or you can break a 30-minute run into sections of three putting strength training or rowing.

Try something new while on the treadmill

Simply slow your speed for safety and experiment with different moves then speed up and run again.

You might be surprised at the different moves you can do other than straight running.

Alternate with 8 minutes of running and 2 minutes of another move.

  • Side gallops
  • Skipping
  • Marching steps
  • Jumping squats

If you use a treadmill at home, head outside

Just because you’re on a treadmill doesn’t mean you have to be tucked into a dull corner in the spare room looking at blank walls.

Put your machine by a window and look out or better yet, take it outside.

Many of the home treadmills are easily foldable and movable so the porch, deck, back yard or anywhere you find pleasant besides the boring spare room can be a good place for your run.

Obviously you won’t want to ruin the machine by exposing it to nasty weather but on good days, if your machine is easily moved, go for it. It certainly makes the workout more interesting.

If you can’t move your treadmill, at least hang up a great piece of art that allows your imagination to roam, anything but.

Lose the self-conscious attitude

Too many people avoid using treadmills or going to the gym at all for that matter because they’re self-conscious about being looked at and judged.

While this paranoia is common for 14-year-olds, it’s debilitating in adults.

Your mum probably explained that nobody is actually staring at or judging you nearly as much as you believe. By now, you should know this is true.

Stop worrying and simply start running. You won’t get in shape by thinking about it. Action is required for results.

Happy running!

What are some of your best tips for getting through a treadmill run?

Author bio: Anna Johnson works on the marketing team for CardioTech. Excited by health and fitness.

Anna goes by the prevention is better than cure theory and enjoys keeping healthy both in and out of the gym.

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