High Five Friday #36

Can we have a High Five, because it’s Fri-Yay!

School Holidays finish this weekend.

It’s been a combination of working, spending time with family, and getting my running mojo back.

So let’s get started with this week’s High Five Friday post.

Five Pictures


.1. While walking to work I noticed a perfect circle rainbow around the sun.

.2. Smaller than micro cache we found with the kids.

.3. View of the Werribee River from the bridge, not far from a cache that has never been found called “Eagle Rock

.4 & 5. Re-reading this one, so I can read the ‘rolls reversed’ version.

Five Links

.1. I never really appreciated how funny and smart birds can be.  This 8-year girl gets gifts from a crow she’s been feeding.

.2. I recently wrote about my experience on walking Durd Durd also known as the Major Mitchell Plateau. Well, this guy’s version is a cracker, he walked it 18 months after it was cooked in the 2006 bushfires.  You can read it here.

.3. Want (another) 9 reasons why Yoga is good for you? I have to agree with all of them.  I’ve been including weekly yoga into my workout schedule, and let me tell you, it’s helped not only with my recovery but my performance.

.4. Boosting your self-esteem is easy with these 12 simple habits.

.5. While in the supermarket the other day, mandarins were going out cheap.  I was talking to a friend about my Flourless Mandarin cake. I need to make this cake again.

What do you give a high five to this week?

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