High Five Friday #14

So last week I was working, and just super busy, and didn’t allow enough time to do a blog.  So High Five Friday never happened.

But it’s here today! So lets get to it.

Five Pictures

First up I just want to mention that these photos are not in chronological order. That’s just how the images fitted nicely when I was creating the collage.

.1. I am a SPARTAN!

You have no idea how happy I am to be able to say that.  I never got to become a Spartan in 2014 due to getting sick.  This year I wasn’t sick and had a ball with my 3 other teammates.

And yes I will be blogging about the event soon.

.2.  On Wednesday 11th March, my friend Julie and I went and saw Pete Evans for The Paleo Way Tour.  I had a great time and got a lot out of it. Before you ask, yes there will be a blog about this one too, so watch this space.

.3. In preparation for the Spartan race and my up-and-coming trail run, I had to get a long run in.  I wasn’t feeling it this particular day, but I got up, got dressed and went out and did it.  Felt awesome. Then I got called into work for 6 hours.

.4. Tom and I decided to go explore the Black Ranges, it’s dry out there, but was such a great day.  I particularly loved this dead tree against the blue sky.

.5. While this pumpkin is small it’s still growing, and it’s going to be so deliciously awesome when it’s ready to pick.  The best part, it grew from a pumpkin seed we threw into the compost.

Got to love the power of compost.

Five Links

.1. As a runner and a person who (now) love to do squats and deadlifts, it’s common for me to have tight hips.  So when this particular article 8 Hip Stretches Your Body Really Needs came across in my email I totally had to agree with it.

If you have tight hips then start incorporating some of these stretches into your daily routine.

.2. I love Nia Shanks.  Have been for a while now and will continue to be a huge fan of her stuff (says the girl who is now onto her 4th Nia Shanks program).  Her work speaks to me, and I totally get what she is saying.  So when I came across this article on The NEW Definition of Fitness I knew it was something I had to share with my readers.

.3. I hate waste, which is why Trash is for Tossers.  It’s why I have a compost and recycle whatever I can when I can.

I fill up my recycle bin faster than I fill up my rubbish bin.  In 1 week I can go through 2 small bags of rubbish.  Which isn’t much at all. One day our family will become completely sustainable.

.4. Last year I was trying to perfect my handstand.  Why it’s not completely there yet, I recently discovered this article on Breaking Muscle on 2 Ways to Bulletproof the Handstand.  One thing is for sure I will definitely be applying this method to nailing a free-standing handstand.

.5. If you haven’t seen this video on a Gigantic School of Rays, then go check it out. Just another reason to love Rays.

Five Songs

I thought I would do something different for this High Five Friday and include some songs that I’m really digging at the moment.

.1. Calvin Harris ft John Newman – Blame
.2. Serena Ryder – What I wouldn’t do
.3. Elen Levon – Wild Child
.4. Colbie Caillat – Live it up
.5. Taylor Swift – New Romantics

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