The Ultimate Coffee Date #8

Go grab a hot drink so we can sit down, relax and let’s check in.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that I ran 120km in February. That makes my yearly total 258km. If I keep going at this rate I will smash my accumulative running totally, and clock approx 1500 km for the year.

It’s still early days, so let’s see what the year unfolds for me then.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that I’m still umming and arghing about what I should do about my next Spartan Event.

Spartan has released their next event dates for 2015 for Melbourne. September 12th, there will be a Sprint (7km event that I missed out on in 2014), a Beast (21), and an Ultra (42, so not happening for me though).

My dilemma is that I have Tough Mudder a month later (which I have decided will be my last), do I go something easy with the Sprint, or go all out and do a Beast?

I still want to aim at getting a Trifecta medal. Which will most likely mean I will have to travel interstate.

All racers should expect to travel at least once to achieve their Trifecta. Spartan race is a labour of love but it cannot operate at a loss, and this impacts on dates and locations.

~Spartan Race Australia

If I were to travel for a Spartan event it would be Sydney or Adelaide. Not all dates have been released yet, so it’s a wait and see game. I hate that.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for my trail event this weekend.

Grampians Trail Run Strava

This weekend just went I got my last trail run in
My intention was just to have fun. I did, and I ended up having my best result on that run.

My aim for roller coaster is to get 2h 40mins or under. If I set a new trail run PB, then that will be a bonus of course.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that it’s now under 50 days to my Wings for Life World Run.

My aim for this run is to get 25km in before the racer car catches up to me. That’s running a 5:05 per/km pace. How I do on the day is another story.

As this will be a night run, I’ve going to include some night runs before the event, so I can use as a headlamp.

This event is nothing like I’ve ever done before, so I’m excited.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that there may not be as many running events for me this year.

I’m a working mum now, so my weekends alternate between working and spending time with the family.

Trying to find a balance as well, is another thing I’m working on.

If we were sitting down for coffee what would you tell me?

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  1. I think you should go “Beast” 🙂 I say that because it looks crazy hard and fun at the same time! Either way sprint or beast, you’ll have a great time!!!
    If we were sitting down and chatting, I’d tell you I am currently in the process of making some life changes that are going to make me a whole lot happier, but also a whole lot busier:)

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