High Five Friday #10

This week’s High Five Friday I’m going to do something a little bit different. It’s also going to be a confession Friday.

Five Pictures

.1. Tom had a meeting in the city and we decided to go out for lunch.

Confession: The thought of going out to lunch while on the 21dsd scared me.

That was until I discovered Thr1ve. I first heard of Thr1ve thanks to the Primal Shift Podcast.  I actually totally forgot about them, until I googled “Paleo Cafe’s in Melbourne CDB”.  It was thanks to those specific keywords that I rediscovered Thr1ve.

Looking up their menu in advance also helped.

I decided on the Pull Pork with lemon basil pesto with leafy greens & sweet potato mash.  It was delicious.  I will be doing a full review on it in the coming weeks, so stay posted.

.2. Tom took me out into the Grampians for a day trip.

Confession: We were both lacking energy, so we didn’t do long walks.

He took me to the Bundaleer, a place that would have been used by the local aboriginal people for over 20,000 years.

It’s also a very popular rock climbing destination.

And before you ask, no I didn’t go rock climbing.

.3. As a birthday filler, we got Miles this rocket.  It was $10 from BigW.

Confession: Because we couldn’t find what we really wanted to get him.

He loves it. Works on air pressure. I got this shot by pure fluke.

.4. A late birthday cake celebration for Kayla.

Confession: I really wanted cake, but because I’m on the 21dsd, went with an apple instead. Would have totally rather the cake.

.5. While in JBHi-fi found this cd.  I love my 80’s music, and I love a good interpretation of songs that I love.

Confession: I bought this on iTunes instead.

It’s actually a really great easy listening album.

Five Other Confessions

Normally I would post links I have found.  This time I have decided to do other random confessions.

  1. I got food poison (7th Jan). Not fun at all. Esp while travelling in a car.
  2. I’m training for a supervisor shift this week, and have my first solo shift on Saturday. Should be interesting, and there is no doubt I will be bluffing my way through it.
  3. I have not done one trail run this year.  Need to get my act together because I have Roller Coaster in March, and need to condition the legs.
  4. I will be starting a new Nia Shanks workout soon. I had great success with her last program, and I look forward to diving into this one.
  5. I have changed the name of the secret project I’m working on many times.  I think I have finally decided on what to call it.

What are you high fiving this week?
PS. Do you like my High Five Friday logo?

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