My 2014 Reading List

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but always thought and knew that my sister and dad were big readers than me.

Back in 2012 when I started setting goals. I set a goal to read 24 books for the year. Well, I smashed that goal and ended up reading 26 books in 2012.

Then in 2013, I set another reading goal.  I initially set that goal at 30 books but ended up changing that by April to 50 books. I crushed that goal and read 64 books in 2013.

This brings us to 2014.

What did I set my book goal at? It was set to 60 books for the year.

I ended up changing that to 65 because a couple of books I read were very short or cookbooks (yes I read cookbooks).

Books Read in 2014

  1. Your Custom Homestead (ebook)
  2. Making up your mind
  3. Jinx
  4. James Potter & The Hall of the Elders
  5. A beautiful wedding
  6. The Paleo Diet for Athletes
  7. The truth about Leo
  8. Sugar Rush
  9. Her Last Letter
  10. The Calorie Myth
  11. One Tiny Lie
  12. The sweetest Dark
  13. You Only Faster
  14. Silence
  15. Flight Plan
  16. Born to Run
  17. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
  18. Tangled Beauty
  19. Me before you
  20. Against all Grain
  21. Awaken your roots (ebook)
  22. The fault in our stars
  23. Breathe
  24. you are here
  25. 3 Phase paleo
  26. Fractured – Dani Atkins
  27. The betrayal of Natalie Hargrove
  28. Resist
  29. Nom Nom Paleo
  30. The Hunt
  31. The Prey
  32. The Trap
  33. Come on get happy
  34. Innocence
  35. Catch me when I fall
  36. Catherine
  37. Eat the Yolks
  38. Jane
  39. No Excuses
  40. Fitness Confidential
  41. The Book Thief
  42. Think big
  43. So B it
  44. Embrace
  45. Everything to live for
  46. So much it hurts
  47. Dark heart forever
  48. Fractured – Dawn Barker
  49. Room
  50. Run like crazy
  51. Enticed
  52. Chicken soup for the runner’s soul
  53. Broken Silence
  54. Distant Shores
  55. Leftovers
  56. Captured
  57. One plus one
  58. Let Go
  59. A sea change
  60. Blessed
  61. The before now and after then
  62. From the outback
  63. Sugar Sugar
  64. Letters to Leonardo
  65. Write about me

There were books that were winners, and of course books that I’d rather forget. I’ve linked the books that really stood out to me, so go check them out.

In 2015 I will set another reading goal and a few more reading challenges.  More on that in 2015.

I hope my list inspires you to pick up a book and lose yourself in bookland.

What’s your stand-out book/s for 2014?

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