High Five Friday #9

It’s been an exciting 2 weeks.

Kayla turned 8, we went on a mini holiday for Tough Mudder, and the kids have finished school for the year.


So let’s do this.  Let’s high-five this Friday!

Cause it is the last Friday before Christmas!

And the last High Five Friday (that I will be doing) for this year!

Five Pictures


.1. These Giant Wombats “Diprotodom” used to roam the area for possibly 1.6 million years until their extinction 46,000 years ago.
You can find this replica at the Naracoorte Caves, South Australia.

.2. This obelisk can be found in Robe, South Australia.  It uses to store rockets.  Apparently, you use to be able to go right up to it, but it’s now blocked off (fencing) as it’s too dangerous.

.3. Clayton Place is the holiday house we stayed at for Tough Mudder Adelaide.  It was so quiet and was only a short walk away from lake Alexandrina.

.4. Paul & I after our muddy adventure.  Our RTG t-shirts will always be “our” mud race shirts now.

.5. While driving back home we stopped in Bordertown for a toilet stop.  In the park by the information centre they had these log seats.  This carving of a bear was on it.  How cool and cute is it!

Five Things

.1. I came across this video a few weeks ago.  I honestly don’t remember how I came across it.  But it will teach you an important lesson about Trust.

.2. You know I love to read. So when I came across this list of running books I was excited.  Sure there were books I had read, but there was a whole heap of books I haven’t read.
If you aren’t sure what to get a friend who is a runner, any one of these books will do.

.3. One of my goals this year was to do a handstand.  I’m still perfecting holding it, but this tutorial by Fitness Todd will totally help anyone to get to the Perfect Handstand.

.4. With 2014 coming to an end a lot of us will be reflecting on what we have or haven’t achieved for the year. Make 2015 your #IWillDo it year.

.5. I love Nia Shanks, she totally rocks! So when I got in my email about a new free workout she created I just HAD to share.

Seriously FREE! Lift Like a Girl Strength Training Program.

Having just finished her 3x3x3 training program, I am super excited to tackle this program in 2015.

What are you high fiving this week?

7 thoughts on “High Five Friday #9”

  1. Love the pictures! That giant Wombat is awesome!!!!!!
    You’ll get that handstand perfected! That is actually a great idea, to make a fun goal to gain a new skill in something like that, you’ve got me thinking about what I should try to do, LOL Heck, you’ve also got me wondering if I could even do a headstand.
    I attempted a backbend a few weeks ago to show my niece how to do it, it was a fail and dang it hurt. She just laughed, and she had good reason too:) Maybe that is something I should work on 🙂 hmmmm…

    1. I would love to do a back bend, but I just don’t have the back flexibility (yeah I’ve tried).
      I still have a goal to perfect the headstand without using momentum to get me up there. So need to work on my core some more.

  2. After I mastered crow a handstand was my next goal. Many falls and bumps later I’m still working on it. Off to check out the how-to link 🙂

    1. I haven’t mastered crow yet (can’t hold it longer than 2 seconds). I’m still working on it.
      But once I master it I will love to go from crow to handstand. Now that is an ultimate goal.

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