Make an Average Workout AWESOME

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We’ve all had workouts that have been drab.

Who wants a drab workout?  No not I.

How about a fab workout?!

Well here are my two tips to make that drab workout a fab workout.

Two Tips to Make Your Workout Average to Awesome

Tip 1

Workout with your best friend 

Your best friend is your best friend for a reason. So find something that you both like, or want to try, and just go do it.

Not only will you have a ball, but you’ll also be able to catch up and talk, and talk, and goof around, and laugh.


Tip 2

Create a new playlist

Music has a way to get you motivated.

There is nothing like a good song to get you up, pumped and moving.

Here is my recently created playlist that has helped my average workouts become awesome workouts.


What tip would you give to make that average workout awesome?

8 thoughts on “Make an Average Workout AWESOME”

  1. Jennifer Pug Pug

    Hmmm. I honestly don’t have anything to add here. I think once you get into a workout, they pretty much all turn out great. I don’t think anyone regrets a workout, you know? Thanks for sharing your playlist. I’ve been looking for some new tunes. 🙂

  2. Running with my husband is awesome! Thanks for linking up. We have a different The Fit Dish image if you want to change it next time. Thanks for sharing with the #fitfam!

    1. I think Tom would be too competitive (and vice versa) if he ran. He looks like a runner too. We however are happy to be hikers together.
      Will keep the pic in mind for next time. Thanks Jill.

  3. Great tips! Love that picture of your and your husband!
    People always ask me what type of guy I want to marry, and I always say just that. I want a best friend who will want to explore and get out and have fun with lives adventures! Pretty much like it looks like you guys do:)

  4. Must get around to updating the play list, I tend to have only two that I use over and over and the majority of songs are on both. Kind of defeats the purpose huh?

    1. I get bored if I listen to the same music over and over.
      This is why I love rockmyrun, they do all the thinking work for you. I look at the playlist they create and I’m like, well I like most of those songs, yep I’ll get that.

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