Speedwork Session #1

Yes I love to run, there is no denying that.

The one workout I always skip because I just disliked it was speedwork.

I know that speedwork is important.  But the thought of going around, and around on a track just bores me.  Yep I used the excuse of “So why should I do a workout if I don’t enjoy it?”. It’s a valid reason right?

Hills, on the other hand, I could do.  I know that hills are speedwork in disguise, so that’s the speedwork that I use to do.

Stawell is deceptively hilly.  This isn’t a bad thing, as when I go to do races in other towns, I’m better prepared for any hills I may encounter on the course.

In town, there is also Big Hill* which I use to do hill repeats.  To be honest I haven’t done Big Hill repeats in a while, as I’ve been really into Bobby’s speedwork sessions on a Monday night.

How I came to enjoy my speedwork sessions all started with the book “You! Only Faster“.  That book planted the seed of “if I want to get faster, I have to run faster”.

Speedwork is important for any runner.  Not only does it make you run faster, but it also makes you fitter. That in turn helps you to run faster for longer.  And guess what? Speedwork helps you to improve your pb.  Now you tell me what runner doesn’t like getting a new PB ***?

Now that I’m no longer sick, and my body has fully recovered I can really get back into my training.  You have no idea how delightful it is to have my mojo back (I missed you mojo).

Since I don’t like doing speedwork sessions on my own, I decided to accept Bobby’s offer ** of attending his speedwork sessions on a Monday night.

Each week is a different running routine, but each session is designed to help you get faster.

So I thought I would share with you some of the speedwork sessions I have done lately.


Run at 75-85% of your Max.  You’ll wear yourself out if you sprint.
Also, utilise those walk breaks to recover.

What speedwork sessions do you do?
Do you have a love hate relationship with speedwork?


* – Possibly not for much longer.  The mine in town wants to open cut it (as it’s currently an underground mine), I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen, as it’s just too close to the centre of town.

** – Bobby is one of the founding members of the running club I’m a member of.

*** – I know that including speedwork sessions has helped improve me to get faster. I got a new 5km PB on a partially hilly course thanks to speedwork. You can read about it here.

6 thoughts on “Speedwork Session #1”

  1. I love speedwork at the high school track! It’s my favorite type of training run. Hills? That’s another story 🙂

    1. Speework on a track with other people I can do, on my own I don’t push myself enough.
      If you enjoy the track over hills, stick with the track, no harm in that.

  2. The joke with the online 12wbt runners group I’m with is that my pace just seems to always be the same, we call it HICO pace (how-it-comes-out) pace. No wonder I never get any faster.

  3. I definitely have a love hate relationship with speed work!! & Hills LOL!! I’ve only recently been doing both more regularly. It helps having a coach who gives you something different to do each week & you just go out & get it done!! It has definitely improved my times over shorter distances!

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