The Pinnacle- From sundial

The Pinnacle is the “Feature” of the Grampians. If you have never been to the Grampians before and you go to the information centre, the first walk they will suggest you do is the Pinnacle.

There are various ways to hike to the Pinnacle.

The most popular route is from the wonderland car park.

On this particular day we chose to hike it via the sundial car park.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can access the Pinnacle directly from Halls Gap either via Mackey’s Peak or along Venus Baths & the Grand Canyon (currently closed).

We decided to access the Pinnacle via Sundial car park.  With our backpacks packed and our hats on, we were excited for our adventure.

As we had the kids with us, we chose to do the bushwalk from Sundial car park.  The distance from the Wonderland car park & Sundial car parks are about the same, but the elevation is different.

If you have young kids I suggest trekking it from Sundial Carpark.  If your kids are into bouldering and like a challenge, the walk from Wonderland is for you.

Yes it was just a bit windy, and surprisingly quite cold with that wind.

Once we got to The Pinnacle, we stopped for a snack and a rest, the kids were tired.

It’s not surprising that on the way back it took us a bit longer.

\But we all had a great time. Wind, cold, and all.

Here’s the map for the hiker nerds out there.


1 – I’m in the near future, well I am hoping later this year.  I would like to tackle The Pinnacle from the Wonderland car park, and when I do, I will blog about it.

4 thoughts on “The Pinnacle- From sundial”

  1. That must mean the fires are getting under control! I am glad your beautiful park is back open! I have to tell you I saw a picture of The Pinnacles years ago, at one of our national parks here. Ever since then, I have always had it on my bucket list:) One day I’ll make it there! I think it is awesome your entire family loves hiking!!!

  2. That’s great. To share a love of this beautiful area with your children, together with a love of the great outdoors and health and fitness is just magic!!

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