Would You Rather #3

It’s been a while, so I thought I would do another Would You Rather posts. They are fun, and we all like a little bit of fun every now and then.

So here are the Questions.

Never watch TV again or never run again? I would hate to never run again.  And I don’t watch much tv as it is, and I can easily get my tv hi on the computer anyway 😛

Run 100 miles per hour or Fly 10 miles per hour? At first I thought fly, I mean who doesn’t like to fly.  But at 10miles (16km) isn’t really fast. So I will say run at 100 miles an hour because you know what Superman discovered he could fly by running.

Only be able to run and not walk or Only be able to walk and not run? You are talking to a runner here, so I will say run, because at the end of the day it wouldn’t matter how slow I went, I would still be running.
Have to give up running for a year with the promise that you will BQ (Boston qualify) once you resume, or Never be able to BQ but run as much as you want? I wouldn’t care if I never qualified for Boston, so I would say the latter.

Be injury free and a slow runner, or a fast runner with constant injuries? I would rather be the turtle and never have an injury and to enjoy being able to run, than to be speedy Gonzalez and have injury after injury.

Be a barefoot runner or wear running shoes all the time (even in bed)? Oh this is a tough one.  I think Barefoot running has it’s place, I mean we evolved walking/running/hunting in barefoot, but I do like my running shoes, not in bed though.  I would like to be a barefoot runner, providing that I never got injured.

In saying that I do run in minimalist shoes and I do love them.

Hydrate during a run with mayonnaise or wasabi? Seriously? who thinks of these questions (not me).  It would be mayo, providing it’s homemade.

Run with your eyes closed or run with your ankles tied together? How the hell do you run with your ankles tied together anyway.  I’d run with my eyes closed.  Sure I may have to have a guide with me, but I would still be out their running.

I found these questions thanks to Olive to Run.  You can see her answers here. Feel free to answer all or some

4 thoughts on “Would You Rather #3”

  1. Some tough questions to ponder. Never watch TV if I can get it on the computer or my iPad. Running has been very good for me in more than one way. Staying injury free is my goal. I have never had an injury and I don’t ever want to experience it.

    1. The worst injury I’ve every gotten, is a muscle cramp, if you call that an injury that is. If you don’t a scrapped knee. Yeah I hope to never have that happen to me.

  2. Giving up TV would be an easy one for me, as I don’t get much TV time as it is. I love to run, but being out this year with an injury has put a lot of things back into perspective. Boston is one of my goals, so I would take the year off if it would mean to qualify for Boston:) I’d also take running with my eyes closed. I have run many races with blind runners, and if they can do it I guess I could too:)

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