Training for Nothing Plan

What I mean by nothing, I mean I don’t have an end goal, a race or an event coming up soon.

There is nothing like entering a race/event to get you motivated.

This time last year I was training for the Portland 3bays (half) Marathon.  After I had ran that, I had a short rest and then got back into training for Tough Mudder. I’m doing Tough Mudder again in 2014 but the event wont be until March (this year it was in January) 2014. Then I will have Spartan Race in May 2014.

So what do you do when you don’t have any events left for the year to motivate you?  You create a training plan to keep you motivated.

training for nothing

Lifting weights keeps me lean, and in my opinion makes me a better and stronger runner.  While doing Whole30 I came across a kettlebell workout called IronCore. I tired it out and really enjoy it. It’s a full body workout and compliments my shorter runs.

My long runs use to be on a Monday. Now that run club has finished for the season I have swapped my long runs to a Saturday. The other reason I have done this is that coming into summer it’s going to get hot.  This way I can run 1st thing in the morning before the heat settles in.

I’m also allowing active recover inbetween my run + weights days with Pilates & Yoga.

I started this training plan last week, and so far I’m really enjoying the mix up.

Are you training for anything?
Do you lift weights? If so do you go to a gym or do it at home?
Fav Song on your ipod at the moment?


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