Pro Compression Socks Review

Back in August Vera over at Super Generic Girl was having a giveaway sponsored by Pro Compression Socks.

All I had to do was make a comment on telling Vera what KickAss thing she should do in the next 364 days before she reached 30. I never thought I would win, but I commented all the same, cause I love Vera’s blog.  Seriously she is such a laugh and honest, and it’s very refreshing, and a part of me can totally relate to how she approaches running. 

My answer was the following:

You could try a 30 day running streak, even if it’s only 1km a day.
You could do a 30km trail run in another country (like Australia).
You could do something totally out of your element, like a tough mudder or a spartan race.
Or you could run from the top end of NZ to the bottom end. Don’t know how long that would take, but it’s an idea that’s for sure.

A few weeks later Vera contacted me to let me know I had won! I couldn’t believe it, yes I did a happy dance. So it’s only fair I give a review on the socks.

They arrived in mid-September.

Look what arrived thanks @supergenericgal and @PROCompression #running #socks

— Matilda Iglesias (@MatildaIglesias) September 11, 2013

It took until October for me to finally try them out. I would have tried them out sooner, but I went on holiday for 2.5 weeks and didn’t take the socks with me. Oh well, it happens.

So I picked orange, cause I like orange, and they go well with my purple Brooks. They are also a fun colour.

Yes I’m being a dork, but I like the photo, me being a dork and all.

I can tell you now these socks are going to be my go-to socks for my long runs (esp in the cooler months, when I don’t want to wear leggings just yet).  Not only were they super comfy around the feet, they were tight but not suffocating.  They were firm enough to give you the exact support for my feet, ankle, and leg. The seams are also perfectly placed.

All up, I totally loved these socks, and I will definitely be investing in a few more pairs.

4 thoughts on “Pro Compression Socks Review”

    1. I’m going to ask “santa” for a few more pairs. Pink and Purple would keep my daughter happy. Green or Blue would keep my son happy. I really enjoyed them, it’s just as shame it’s coming into summer here, that being said I will still enjoy them regardless.

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