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A few weeks back I was interviewed by Kate over at Fit Parents Australia.  Kate and I connected from the awesomeness that is Running Bloggers.  You see Kate had her blog listed down in the ‘Australian’ section of the Running Bloggers Community.  From there I became a fan of hers on Twitter and on Facebook.

Kate had this fantastic idea of uniting Fit Parents in Australia.  Fit Parents Australia is a community where aussie parents can connect and share their fitness tips, advice and stories. The other reason why she created Fit Parents Australia was so that it would encourage more parents to be fit and healthy so their kids could be fit an healthy. Because we all know that obesity in children is becoming a growing problem.

I mentioned to Kate on her Facebook page one day that “Fit Parents = Fit Kids. Be the influence”.  It was short but to the point. You see you need to lead by example.  Like the saying goes “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, he feeds himself for a lifetime”. If we want our kids to be fit an healthy then shouldn’t we set the example?

I’ve made a new fit friend in Kate, but I also feel honoured that she chose me to be her first ‘fit influence’ on her blog, and now on the Fit Parents Australia.

You can see the article here or here.

But here are her questions and my answers.

1. Tells us a little about yourself: I’m a mum of 2 kids.  I live in a country town in Western Victoria, and I’m a photographer. (She is an amazing photographer  check out her work here)

2. What age did you get into running and what was your motivation? I use to run (but didn’t we all) in high school.  I gave it up as I hated the feeling of my chest wanting to explode while running.  I know now that I just didn’t have the endurance fitness. In July 2011 I was miserable and fat and had enough and wanted to change, so I started working out.  I then started tracking my food. In October 2011, I put down on my list of goals to run a fun run.  I always thought of running as the epitome of being fit.  So I started from there.  I was slow, but that didn’t matter, my goal was to run 5km and finish without walking. The more I ran the more I enjoyed it, and the more I found my other workouts easier to do. After I ran my first fun run, I had the running bug.  I then decided to go the distance and start training for a 10km, and then to the half marathon.  I ran my 1st half marathon in July 2012 (Run Melbourne).

3. How do you manage to fit in your training around life/family commitments? I schedule my workouts.  I make them non negotiable.  So this means getting up at the crack of dawn (aka sparrow’s fart), and working out.  I do my runs at that time, as I’m a single mum during the week, and I don’t like leaving the kiddies at home by themselves.  I get my runs (including my long runs) in while the kids are at school/kinda. At the moment I do freelance work from home, so my time is pretty flexible on certain days of the week.  So I’m lucky like that at the moment, ask me this question next year and you’ll get a different answer.

4. What does being a Fit Parent mean to you? Well I want to be around for my kids.  But I also want to set an example for my kids.  If I want my kids to be fit and healthy then I need to be fit and healthy. I want my kids to be able to experience all the wonderful outdoor adventures I experienced as a kid.  Like bushwalking and hiking and the such. The other thing for me that plays a huge role is diet.  We suffer allergies and intolerances in our house, so we have to eat as clean/wholly as possible. Because when we don’t our body tells us straight away.

My daughter suffers from a peanut allergy.
My son is lactose intolerant, and has eczema and asthma.
I have a gluten intolerance and shellfish allergy
5. If you can give other parents out there advice on how to integrate exercise into their lives what would it be? Set goals.  People make goal setting harder than it should be.  But it’s not.
You need to think of your goals in short and long term.
Goals need to be SMART
Time Bound

There are great resources out there to help you achieve your goals too.  One I found fantastic was Chalene Johnson’s (free) with her help I’ve been knocking goals left right and centre.

6. Finally, who inspires you and why? Is it cliché to say ‘my mum’.  No seriously, I know everyone thinks that their mum rocks (and they properly do), but my mum is phenomenal.  I never really appreciated what she did for me and my sister until I became a mum myself.

My mum will be 67 this year, and she is still running (she’s doing Run Melbourne too, but the 10km run).
She has been a great role model for me, and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I have followed in her footsteps.
There are other people who inspire me too, but in different ways.
Health – Jonathon Bailor
Food – Carrie Brown, Nom Nom Paleo & Paleo Network
Fitness – Cassey Ho (blogilates), Steven Kamb (Nerdfitness), Chalene Johnson (TurboFire & Chalean Extreme), Shaun T (Insanity & Asylum).
These people have armed with the knowledge I needed to really push me in the right direction when it comes to being fit and healthy. But the main person will and properly always be my mum.


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