Open Letter to Lipton

Dear Lipton,

I don’t know when I became a tea drinker.  I guess it would be because my parents are tea drinkers (they are both coffee drinkers too).

When I did start drinking tea, I was never too fussed with black tea, but I did enjoy herbal teas.  Nowadays I drink both black and herbal.
Back in my fresh newbie tea drinking stage, I started off with peppermint tea, and then from there, I would try other teas.  I remember coming across the Lipton Cranberry Raspberry and Strawberry tea a few years ago and enjoying it a lot.

So when I was at the supermarket a few weeks ago I bought tea to replenish my supply.  I saw the Lipton CRS tea and well it just ‘fell into the basket’, so I had to buy it.

It sat in the pantry until recently when I had a desire to have a herbal tea that was not peppermint. So out came the Lipton CRS, I ripped open the wrapper, put the tea bag into my cup, and poured in the hot water.

I don’t know why I decided to look at the back of the tea bag packet, I just did.  And there staring right in front of me were the ingredients, and in that list of ingredients was wheat.

I love this tea but sadly once all teabags are gone I won’t be buying it again. It contains wheat not #sane or #paleo…

— Matilda Iglesias (@MatildaIglesias) May 22, 2013

Wheat. What the hell! Why does Wheat need to be in a tea?! Does someone care to explain? I really don’t understand. I mean seriously…. wheat.

So yes I’m sad to report Lipton, that I won’t be buying this tea again.

And if you are wondering why? It’s because I eat Paleo/Sane.  Which is gluten-free.  Wheat is not gluten-free.  I might not have an allergy to gluten, but I know my body and I know what happens to it when I have too much/many gluten products. I don’t need the extra stress of looking for a wheat product in tea, but obviously, now I do, because your tea is not Gluten Free friendly.

Yours Sincerely,

An ex-lover of your Cranberry Raspberry Tea

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Lipton”

    1. Paleo isn’t for everyone, but eating more Paleoish works for me. I find too much wheat makes me feel bloated.
      I do love a good cup of coffee, but in winter, tea is my go too drink.

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