Runners Toolbox: Hydration

Keeping hydrated in general is just as important as keeping hydrated during a long run.

I’ve always been a water drinker. So I have no issue drinking water.

The thing with water is, it’s just that, water.

How you ever gone on a long run, only drank water (and nothing else), and then felt pretty ordinary afterwards. Then it’s most likely due to electrolytes imbalance.

Electrolytes are minerals that when dissolved in water carry an electrical charge. They are important for your nervous system and your muscles.

They are found natural in foods, but we can expel them through out sweat during hard workouts.

If you just drink water and don’t replace your electrolytes, you are essentially diluting the electrolytes in your system even further. Which in turn can make you feel sub-par.

Products like Nuun, Gu Hydration, or even hydralyte are great products to replace your electrolytes. They, however, carry little to no carbs.

If you are looking for an all in one carb, hydration and electrolyte option, then products like Tailwind or the Australian alternative Trail Brew are great options.

Be smart, be well hydrated before you’re run, but don’t be stupid and chug copious amounts of water. That’s like cramming for a test 5 minutes before your exam.

Not only will you feel awful feeling all that water slosh in your belly, it’s not helping your kidneys.

Drink to thirst, and remember to sip, not gulp.

Post Workout Hydration

Trail Brew is currently my go to source for post run hydration. I love it with extra ice.

I have friends that love a cold coke.

Check out my Post Recovery Juice recipe for a refreshing drink, that will help you to chill.

I also love coconut water, and mineral water. Something about the bubbles I find refreshing.

How do you stay hydrated?

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