53 Tuesday #25

I had one rule with it came to my 53 Tuesday project, that the images had to be from the camera and not my phone.

Unfortunately, that rule is being broken for this week’s image.  And it’s not because I want to.

After dropping Miles off at swimming, I made a quick detour to the corner of Clifton Ave & O’Callaghan St.  You see on the corner is this random outbuilding.  It’s locked, and I’m not sure what’s in there, but it’s interesting all the same.  With the sun setting, we were coming into the golden hour and this building was awash in a warm glow.  I took some photo’s and then went home to go finish dinner.

I never got the opportunity to upload the image, but had planned to just backdate the blog post.

It wasn’t until I was transferring the images for Tuesday #26, that I all my images were gone.  The SD card had been formatted.

Which is why this image is here.  It was the only ‘decent’ photo on my phone.  It was either this or a box of prawns (work related).  I don’t think anyone needs to see a box of prawns, so instead enjoy this image of the track I ran on that afternoon after work.

Tuesday #25

Location: Hard Nail Track, Stawell
F/stop: 2.2
Speed: 1/460
ISO: 25

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