ReWild Co: Perfume Masterclass

In 2010 (or around then), I read a book called “The Hollow”.  One of the main characters’ favourite things to do was make custom perfumes or scents. The book was kind of crappy, but the thought of making an aroma that was unique to me was quite appealing.

Then in 2017, I came across another book (which I listened to the audio version of), called “The Scent of You”. Polly the main character in this book is a perfume blogger.  As her career is taking off, her personal life is at a crisis point.  It’s a chick-lit book, that’s fun and quirky, and will make you feel good.

When it comes to perfume, creating your signature scent is not something that you would immediately think of.  You would simply go to the chemist or a department store, or maybe even a perfumery to try various scents and settle for something you liked.

We all have smells that we love.  For me, the laundry mat (it’s the drying cotton), newborn babies (talc powder maybe), and the smell after it rains (Petrichor) are just some that come to mind.

When the opportunity came up to do a perfume class locally at ReWild.Co, I jumped at the chance. Who knows when an opportunity like this will come up again?

I’m not one of those people who treat wearing perfume for those “special occasion” days.  Every day should be treated as a special occasion.

My choice of perfume varies from each season, and also from day to night. I don’t have just one smell.  My choice of fragrance changes depending on how I feel or how I want to feel.

The day came for the workshop.  I had no idea what to expect, other than I would get to create something unique to me.

It was a perfect Autumn day when I arrived in Halls Gap.  Greeted by our wonderful host Amanda, who took us on a short journey through the local woodlands to get to our outdoor aroma studio.

You couldn’t help by be inspired by the natural setting.  Being submerged in nature added to the magical experience.

With our swabs of paper, beakers and dropper tools we set off with testing the various scents, chatting away hearing each other’s stories, and memories.

There were so many to choose from, I honestly don’t know if I got to smell them all.

Blending the oils we would compose 3 custom perfumes.  A signature, summer and winter scent.

Each scent would be our own story.  A memory of a time gone by and particular to just me.

Oh, what an experience!  Not only did I get to create something extraordinarily enchanting (times 3), but we all also got our take-home kits so we could recreate those moments again.

Head on over to ReWild Co. to sign up for the next masterclass.

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