53 Tuesdays #17

There were a lot of should of and could of with today photo.

I could have taken I photo this morning, but I wanted a sleep in (rare), and make sure the kids got themselves ready for school.

I should have taken a photo after I finished work, but I needed to get my run in. Which meant that by the time I finished I had to get dinner ready.

While already in my pj’s ready to have a hot cup of tea it hit me, “oh photo”.

I dragged out the tripod, dusted off my timer and wandered outside.

It just wasn’t meant to be.  My timer was being a spaz, so I had to manually work the bulb setting and I was getting frustrated.

All up I took 6 shots, I settled on the last one.  It’s ok, it’s now wow, but it’s done.

Tuesday #17

Location: Footpath, Stawell
Lens: 17-40mm
Focal Length: 30mm
F/stop: 8.0
Speed: 30s
ISO: 200

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