53 Tuesdays #2

I was hoping to capture our (new) resident, a yellow tail black cockatoo.  He flew over the house this morning with his mate, and a couple close behind him.

Not only did I have the wrong lens on the camera, but he was also too quick for me, and alas, all I got was a faded blob in the distance.

So this evening, I decided to (drag) Tom out for a walk.  Decided to walk past the railway, as I noticed not too long ago that they were renovating one of the old buildings.

Some serious renovations have been going on, and I’m quite impressed at their restoration.  Can’t wait for it to be finished.

Tuesday #2

Location: Stawell Railway Station, Wakeham St
Lens: 40mm
ISO: 200
F/Stop: 5.0
Speed: 1/1000

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