18 Exercises

I don’t remember the last time I visited a gym.  It’s been a while.

Sure I’ve done a few casual yoga classes, or done some laps at the pool, but other than that all my cross-training gets done at home.

We have a small house, so no I don’t have my own room dedicated to all my exercise equipment (not yet at least).

While I don’t have a room/shed/garage for my gym, I do have a corner.  Yep, a corner.  That’s where all my gym gear gets stored.

In that little ol’ corner, however, I have things like:

  • kettlebells
  • adjustable weights
  • barbell
  • push up bars
  • plyo box
  • mobility ball
  • medicine ball
  • bands
  • yoga mat

That’s not all of it either.

Working out from home became a necessity back in the days when I was a single parent.

It was also cheaper for me to get gym equipment in bits and pieces than get a gym membership, which wouldn’t even get used or suit me anyway.

No one wants to throw money away.

With my little gym corner, I’ve used it to get fitter and stronger with programs like Insanity, Chalean Extreme, P90x, which have helped me to punch out various Spartan races & Tough Mudder Events.

So if I were to choose just 18 exercises that would be beneficial for you which 18 would I pick?

Continuing with my 18 for 18 themes, I have created a list or guide of 18 exercises that regularly feature in my cross-training that help me be the best runner I can be.

The beauty of these exercises is that they too can be done anywhere at any time.  With weights or with just your body.

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If you had to pick just 5 exercises, which would you choose and why?

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