Speedwork Sessions #18

I have had an 18-month hiatus with posting speedwork sessions.  It occurred to me that the last session was posted back in 2016.  I included the workouts on my free page, but failed up update the blog.

So this doesn’t happen again, I have created a list in my Done App, and you shall now see speedwork session posts every month.

Without further ado let’s get faster with this months speedwork session.

Ideally, this workout should be done on a track or oval.  This will help you to monitor your speed and effort.

Your aim is to make each split just that little bit faster.

To calculator your workout times, free calculators like this one by VDOT will help you determine what speed you need to go.

The Warm Up

  • 3 laps / 1 Mile @ Recovery Pace
  • 6 x 80m Strides with jog backs

The Workout

  • 200m progression run @ Tempo Interval
    • Start at the lower end of zone then increase to max zone pace
  • 200m Recovery Pace

Repeat x 10

The Bonus

  • 6 x 80m Strides with jog/walking recoveries 

The Cooldown

  • 2 laps / 800-1,000m @ Recovery pace.

For optimal performance include a 10minute mobility cooldown.

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