Si Joint Strengthening Follow up

A few weeks ago I posted about having issues with my SI Joint.

Seeking early intervention is key to preventing injury.

I don’t remember when the pain first started, I initially put it down to training load, but when things didn’t improve I knew that a visit to the physiotherapist was in order.

After my visit and action plan in place, I set on doing my assigned physio exercises 4-5 times a week.

Two weeks later I was back at the physio for a checkup.  She was really happy with my progress, and I noticed substantial improvements.

She advised me that running isn’t the cause of my SI issues, which was a major relief.

However, the type of work that I do, involves lots of side-to-side movement, twisting and bending.  There are also no options for anti-fatigue mats to stand on (workplace hazard).

It’s these types of movements that have been the main issue of my joint dysfunction.

The assigned exercises have dramatically helped.  When I don’t do my exercises for a few days, I really notice the ache in my hip.

It takes about 20 minutes to do all the exercises, which I incorporate into my post-workout routine. If I can’t fit them all in, I do half in the morning and the rest when I get back to work.

Recently I stumbled across this Blogilates workout, which has various versions of clam pose. Which is one of the exercises I’m required to do.

I have a love-hate relationship with clam pose, but I do it because it makes me stronger.

While I don’t have to visit the physiotherapist again, for the time being, I will continue my little 20-minute injury prevention routine, and mix it up with Blogilates routines like the one above.

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