Project 52 – Week 44

We have been having some glorious spring weather.

With run club officially over for the 2017 season, our Saturday mornings have freed up.

On this particular day, we packed a picnic lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks and made our way into the park.

Spring means wildflowers, and they were plentiful, with orchids, thryptomene, wattles and the like out in full bloom.

While we did stop to check out various wildflowers, our main mission was the Chimney Pots.

Week 44 – Chimney Pots

Located in the Victoria Valley, the Chimney Pots is a lesson known Grampians walk.

It was a lot more challenging for the kids, but the enjoyment of exploring and rock hopping they thoroughly enjoyed.

The view from the top was just magical.  You could see all the way out to Mt Abrupt, the Piccaninny & Mt Sturgeon.

We spent a good hour at the top, most of it trying to find a geocache, but we didn’t mind, the view was well worth it.

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