April; Where’s it at?

Where has April gone? Filled with chocolate, work and getting sick of course.

Here is this month’s collection of words that make up what April was.

Booked – My sister tagged me in a post on Facebook.  It was a post announcing Take That’s tour to Australia.

Needless to say, I squealed like a little girl.  I booked a ticket via Tom, as he is with Telstra and that was the only way I could get access to the presale.

I missed them the last time they came to Australia.  I won’t miss them this time around.

Audiobooks – This is what I’ve been listening to on my long runs.  I find audiobooks more effective on my long runs as I don’t have to worry about pace.  With an audiobook on my long run, it’s easier to relax the pace and just run with ease.

I’ve listened to some great books.  Most recently Lion (previously known as A ‘Long Way Home’).

Lion tells the story of Saroo, who as a 5 year gets lost on a train in India.  He gets adopted by a Tasmania family.  25 years later with the help of Google Earth, he finds home.

Wow, what a story.  I know when I finally watch the movie, there will be tears.

I borrow my audiobooks via ‘Borrow Box’ (powered by bolinda audio), via my local library.

– I’ve been reading with my eyes as well.

I’ve decided to read J.A Huss’s books from the beginning. I fell in love with Huss books after reading the Mister Series.  Seriously, I could not put those books down.  They are fun, quirky, sexy as hell, full of mystery, suspense, and you can not help but love her characters.

Tragic, Manic & Panic were all read in a matter of days.

Huss also has a chapter at the end of each book called EOBS (end of book sh!t), and seriously this chapter alone is the best.  I wish all authors did this.

Challenge – I’ve signed up for the Whole Life Challenge, I figure I need some accountability and motivation.  It’s different to other challenges I’ve done.  This one goes for 8 weeks.  What’s different about this one is that it focuses on 7 daily habits.

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mobilise
  • Sleep
  • Hydrate
  • Lifestyle
  • Reflect

Geocaching – We missed out on a First to Find (aka FTF) on a new letterbox cache by 40 minutes.

I could have found it that morning while out running, as I knew exactly where it was.  But I decided to wait until the kids finished school so we could all do it together.

We are driving along centre road, when a car passes up.  As I’m about to pull over I notice in my rearview mirror that this car stopped and was doing a U-turn.

As we are getting our stuff together to get the cache.  Two grown men come out of the car and just blurt out “We were first to find”.  No hello, how are you etc.  It was really random and come to think of it quite rude.  They did end up introducing themselves, but they kind of already ruined it for the kids.

So while we weren’t first to find on this cache at least we have a story to tell.

In just over a year we have found 100 caches.

Some caches have been average, some historical, some epic, and with now over 3 million caches all over the world, there is always something to find.

Visiting – We had some of Tom’s family come down to visit us in April.  Gosh, our nephews have grown heaps.

Didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked due to work, but still enjoyed their company.

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