Project 52 – Week 15

We had travelled down to Melbourne to visit the family.

While Tom was off at government house with his family, I took the kids out to Melbourne Museum.

The plan was to visit the Lego exhibition.  When we arrived we discovered that it was advised to book in advance.  The earliest we could get in was a 12 pm session.

This would only leave us with 1.5 in the exhibition before meeting up with the rest of the family for lunch.

Costing $95 for a family of 4, I didn’t see the point of only spending 1 1/2 hours in here and not getting our value for money and being rushed.

So we decided to just do a general admission into the main museum instead.

The kids had a ball, more so Miles who was fascinated with the Aboriginal exhibition.

After meeting up with the rest of the family for lunch, we picked up a few caches before heading to the train station to get back to my parent’s house.

And this my friends is where this week’s photo comes from.

Week 15 – Miles in the PTV burrow

it was a big day, and the kids were tired.  When we got on the train, it was full.  It was only 4 pm, but it was the beginning of peak hour.

Miles decided to rest in between the seats. Just like a wombat in a burrow.  Fellow passengers thought it was amusing.  I don’t blame them.

He did end up claiming a seat a few spots later.

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