Race Recap: Afterglow 12km

Event: Afterglow – Twilight Night Trail Run
Date: 26th November 2016
Distance: 21km or 12km
Type: Trail, Point to Point
Where: Point Addis (21km), Bells Beach Sth (12km) to Torquay, Victoria
Event Partners: Mizuno, Black Diamond, Tailwind, Tour de Trails

Hands down my favourite race for 2015 was Afterglow.

Needless to say, when registrations for Afterglow opened back in July, I was one of the first few to enter.

I was very much looking forward to this event, starting my training after returning from holidays.

Everything was on track and falling into place.

Having not gotten sick while training for Peaks & Trails, I assumed all would be well for Afterglow.

But, then I did get sick, which then caused an injury, neither one I expected, nor wanted.


While I would have LOVED to have raced the 21km at Afterglow, I knew my injury wouldn’t allow me.

With sadness, I had to downgrade to the 12km, or not do it at all.

So while I didn’t run the 21km, I did run/walk the 12km.


To be honest I wasn’t feeling all that enthusiastic about this run.

Not being about to run the 21km, or even run all of the 12km made me feel really bummed.

All of my friends were running the half.  So I felt all alone.

While I couldn’t run the full distance, I made the choice to run/walk at 4:1 intervals, to listen to my body and just take it easy.

It was freezing at the start line, and waiting around felt like it took forever, all while watching the slower and faster half-marathons pass us while we waited to start.

When it was time to head off I made my way to the back of the pack, put my music on and just put one foot in front of the other.

The course slightly changed from last year, with a new section of beach running, about 1km in.  This sand was horrible.  It was soft and airy.  Due to the nature of how the beach was formed, it was near impossible to run on the harder sand due to the waves.  I did witness a runner fall and get drenched by an unsuspected wave.

Around the 8km mark ear Jan Juc, I noticed my foot was starting to ache.  Then around the 10km mark, passing the finish line, and more beach running, I started to notice my hip ache.


This section of the beach was much easier to run on, and I also didn’t feel as alone, as more people were around me.

I became known as a music girl (I had a Bluetooth speaker in my pocket), and that made me happy that people were enjoying the music.

It took me 1h45m04m, to cover 13.4km (yeah not 12km like stated).

My slowest race event ever.

I crossed the line, sore & tired, but in one piece.


It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t pretty, but I did it.

I was sensible, listened to my body and made it, and surprisingly recovered really well.

Top: Wings World for Life
Skirt: Sports Skirt
Gloves: Kmart (party section)
Socks: Stigen
Shoes: Saucony Kinvara6
Buff: RMA
Fuel: Tailwind

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