Running Safe with Glimmer Gear

There are many ways to be a safe runner while out running when there is no daylight.  Whether it’s running at 4 am, or 9 pm, Glimmer Gear will keep you visible and safe.

Glimmer Gear level’s up that safeness with their LED lights, which are visible up to 500 meters away.  They make you highly visible to those around you and ensure that you can continue doing the outdoor activities that you love.

I first came across Glimmer Gear at Afterglow. While I didn’t purchase any gear at the event, as I didn’t need it at the time, it was good to know that such a product existed.

Fast forward 5 months, and along with that a change of season.

A combination of working full time, and with daylight savings having just ended, I’m doing more runs at 6 am than I was previously.

On these early morning runs, I run in high visibility gear, wear my headlamp, and run on the opposite side of the road, if there are no footpaths.  But now with my Glimmer Gear, I can sure I will be seen while out on the road.

Simple and super easy to use, they come in a variety of different colour’s and styles.

I chose a LED wristband in blue, and a rechargeable armband in purple.

They are a great addition to my running kit, and just another way to ensure that I’m safe while out running in the night.

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