Ultimate Running Date #30

Are you ready for our Ultimate Running date?

I will warn you I will be slow, but that doesn’t matter, so let’s get out there run and catch up.

If we were out running I would tell you; that the physio has given me the all-clear to start running again!

Injuries suck, and therefore November was my lowest month of running, covering only 73km.

Overall Running Stats:

Total Distance: 1374.3 km
Monthly Average: 124.93 km
2016 Prediction: 1499.23 km

Getting sick and then injured obviously attributed to the low stats.

While I’m allowed to run again, my goal for December is to be sensible.  My current goal is to run 3 days a week at a 5km easy pace.

There will be no trail running, hills or speedwork.

Right now my main focus is to keep my cardio up, and just regain some general fitness.

I will continue with my rehab exercise, as they are working.


If we were out running I would tell you; that I purchased a new band kit. 

I went to Sports power to get some new bands, as mine have deteriorated. When the sales assistant said she had these ones on sale.  At $30 I thought why not.

Well, they are perfect for my rehab exercises and pack away nicely into their own bag.  Perfect to stuff into my back if I go away for the weekend.

If we were out running I would tell you; that I also purchased PIIT28.

I’ve been a fan of Cassey and Blogilates for ages.

When this came up on sale for half price on Cyber Monday, I thought well, why not, it will be perfect for my non-running days.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

If we were out running, what would you tell me?

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