24 in 2024: Progress Check

Can you believe it’s already April? A quarter of the year is gone! Time flies when you’re unpacking boxes and building a life.

Here’s a quick update on our mission to turn our house into a home:


Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Wins so far

  • Bookshelf Bonanza: Kayla’s got a place to store her favourite reads!
  • Closet Chaos Conquered: No more suitcase living for me – the wardrobes are finally in! We still need to figure out the hanging situation, but hey, baby steps!
  • Linen Love: Towels, blankets, and sheets all have a designated spot – the linen cupboards!
  • Swimsuit Shuffle: Sunscreen and swim gear are now BFFs with the beach towels – gotta keep things organized, right?

Tasks in Progress

  • Dresser Dilemmas: We’re on the hunt for the perfect dresser. Stay tuned!

This homebody is making progress, and it feels great! Stay tuned for the next chapter of our home-making adventures.


Photo by picjumbo.com from Pexels

With 14 books down this quarter, I’m on track for my 50 books for the year.

  • Audiobooks – Five (5)
  • Books – Two (2)
  • Ebooks – Seven (7)

My favourite reads so far, are Katherine Center “The Bodyguard“, and Stacy Sims “Next Level“.


I’m sad to report there haven’t been any family adventures yet. This needs to be rectified immediately!


Purchased a no-nonsense program designed by Stronger by Science. I’m currently in week 10 of a 20-week program. I’ve also decided to drop a run day (I was running 4 days a week), and add another strength day (I was doing 2, and now I’ve changed it to 3).

Wins – Have already hit that 40kg Bench Press!

For Me

With the wardrobes finally tamed, I took on a clothing crusade. Everything, including those storage unit castaways, got a good going-over. Did it spark joy (thanks, Marie Kondo!) and fit like a dream? If not, it joined the “donate” pile.

The result? A box overflowing with clothes ready for a new life! Thanks to Upparel, these items will be either donated, repurposed into rags, or even transformed into insulation – talk about an eco-friendly farewell!

Not-So-Clothes KonMari

But wait, there’s more to the decluttering saga! After much deliberation, I snagged the perfect wool for my upcoming knit/crochet project (get ready, it’s a doozy – these projects will take most of the year!).

Oh, and the Wild Mingo Mat? Scored that too! Now, about that legal thingy… yeah, gotta tackle that one next. (We all have those, right?)

So, that’s the home-making update for now! Slowly but surely, this house is becoming a haven (and hopefully a legal-document-free zone!). Stay tuned for more adventures in organization, crafting, and maybe even a peek at the finished wool project (whenever that magical day arrives!). Until next time, happy homemaking!

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